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Monday, March 15, 2010


Busboys and Poets
Sitting in my favorite coffee shop/bookstore,community gathering spot Busboys & Poets which has nothing to do with this photograph, but then again maybe it does. This is a very unique spot and has a very diverse crowd and I really enjoy vibing off their energy. The people here are in small groups discussing things or are individually tapping away on their laptops.I have no idea what type of projects they are working on,or  if they are merely websurfing, but I hope that they are passionate about whatever they are doing.

I have been playing around and quite frankly only following my passion passively. That is not going to get it done. I need to "go for it" whatever that means and putting these words on the screen is a first step. Being passionate about something or someone does not necessarily mean taking drastic steps, or not being afraid of the consequences but means accepting the consequences of anything that brings you joy.

One of the many definitions for the word Passion is: an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. I have that for taking photographs, travelling and writing. Currently economic concerns may be preventing me from jumping in with both feet, but I have realized that slow and steady progress towards a goal is a viable option. It is not always important to get there quickly, but more important to get there. Period.

Well enough about me :) Now to this photograph. I do not  know the circumstances of this gentleman but what I do know is that he is passionate about playing his music. It is obvious by the way the background is moving forward that he is content to live in the moment and do what he loves.

I too, am ready.

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