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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MUSIC is the key...

I LOVE MUSIC !!! all kinds of music and I particularily enjoy seeing live music at small intimate clubs, concert halls, outdoor festivals, street musicians, you name it. I have been blessed recently to have checked out some outstanding live jazz and that has made me very, very happy. Big shout outs to Robert Glasper Experiment and Christian Scott...y'all did your thing !

Watching the passion of the musicians brings out an emotional response in me that can't be duplicated from listening to my extensive Itunes library or the radio.  I enjoy the interplay between the musicians, who are performing for the audience, but are clearly in their own little world with the music and are merely sharing with us.

April is Jazz Appreciation Month and I appreciate JAZZ so I'm all about that. It is a great American artform that is appreciated all over the world even more so than here in the states, which is a shame.

Also the weather is starting to break and that means great lunchtime concerts and the Spring and Summermusic festival season. I can not wait ! 2010 has been a great year for new music already from Sade, Maxwell to Badu and the aforementioned gentlemen - Glasper and Scott. I look forward to want else comes down the pike and to being there in person as they do what they do.

Enjoy the photos of some great performances from last year and get ready for more to come.

Support Live Music !!! See you at the show.

         Terrance Blanchard
                              Esperanza Spaulding                                    
Drum Circle - Malcolm X Park - Washington, DC

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