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Thursday, January 21, 2010

One day at a time...

What does the name Home Depot mean to you ? Well, for most Surbanites it is where they go to either fix up or beautify their slice of the American dream with a new kitchen with a Sub Z fridge and Viking range or a new entertainment center to house their new flat screen.

There is another side of the Home Depot equation, and that is the plight of the day laborer who patiently waits in the parking lot for a shot at getting work and a piece of the dream...at least for the day. I find it interesting and paradoxical the juxtaposition of these two groups. America is growing and changing but there is still a huge gap and becoming less about race and more about class...food for thought.

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  1. My goodness it's just the same all over, we too have labourers outside all the major stores waiting for some work to get a days pay. How sad.