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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is a Gourmand the same as a Glutton ?

Gourmand -one who likes good food and drink and tends to indulge in them to excess.

Wow ! that is a pretty harsh definition and I'm not sure it actually fits me but I LOVE great food and drink, but as with everything else...in moderation. Maybe I'll just call myself a foodie :). I love gourmet food whether it be dining out or preparing the meal myself. My definition of "gourmet" varies a lot  based on the circumstances. For example at a baseball game ,in the great outdoors, hot dogs with an ice cold brew is about all you need for a gourmet experience. A newspaper covered table filled with crab legs, crawfish,drawn butter and corn on the cob does it for me every time ! I think you get my point.

I will redefine being a Gourmand as someone who enjoys good food, drinks, their environment and most importantly their company at the time. A much more inclusive club don't you think ?

There is nothing like preparing and sharing a meal you created with love with your friends and family. Cooking is a passion of mine that I compare with making art. Using fresh ingredients and lots of love you can create gourmet dishes on a Viking stove or fat, juicy burgers on a hibachi grill at the park.

 Photographing food has been in news a lot lately and especially with cellphone cameras being readily available very easy to  do. ://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/07/dining/07camera.html?src=me&ref=general

 Also there are websites that highlight the sensuous nature of food and have created a new term called food porn because the dishes look so  delectable. http://foodporndaily.com/

Enjoy a few of my personal fotos of food and drink but make sure you get out to your favorite restaurants especially alfresco, fire up the grill, or season your cast iron skillet and make some magic happen ! Bon apetite !

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